Thought of the Week: Don’t Make Assumptions

The third of Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements focuses on the assumptions you make in life, and how they can sometimes lead to unnecessary conflict. As the saying goes when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.
Perhaps this saying is a bit harsh, but assuming can be toxic for you as well as everyone else involved in your assumptions. Naturally you are going to make some assumptions throughout your day, but it is important to recognize which assumptions are healthy and which aren’t.
For instance, it is healthy to assume that the sun will rise and set every day. This is a certainty for each day so there is no real risk in making this assumption. It is also healthy to assume that you are going to take actions throughout your day since you are in control of them. It is not necessarily a guarantee, but hopefully it is safe to assume that you will be a pleasant co-worker on the job site or that you will be a loving and caring partner or parent for example.
The dangers of assumptions are most frequent when you assume other people will act in a certain way or you assume certain situations will turn out the way you expect. These kind of assumptions can lead to a lot of futile pain and struggle. It is important to remember that everyone is different. No one is exactly like you but you. Not everyone is going to act in a manner you assume they should. Not every situation is going to turn out the way you assume it should.
The more you assume the more you will take life for granted. If you assume that you will get a promotion than you won’t enjoy it as much or be grateful for it as much when it does come into fruition. If you assume people are going to cater to your needs than you are more likely to take for granted the times you are so humbly served. Put away your assumptions and open yourself up to all the possibilities life has to offer!

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