Workout of the Week: Box Shooting w/ Ladders

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Today’s drill incorporates many important aspects of basketball: shooting, footwork, dribbling and jumping. An agility ladder, and a box or cone (preferably a box) of some sort, are needed for this workout. To start, you simply place the box on the baseline in between the three point line and the block. So you want to be in the mid range area. Place the agility ladder on the opposite side of the court, starting at the half court line. You have the ball in your hand and stand behind the box. You toss the basketball to either side of the box, so if it goes to the left, then you would step with your inside foot, which is the right foot. Catch the ball, right foot, left foot and shoot. Do this on the right side as well. Perform this until you have ten makes. Immediately after your last make, grab the ball and do 5 quick box jumps with the knees bent, exploding onto the box, landing with soft feet. If you do not have a box then do squat jumps, getting your knees as high off the ground as possible. With the ball, run straight to the ladder at half court and do quick hops with both feet in each rung. After the last rung, take one dribble and finish with a layup on either side of the rim. Then you will do 5 backboard touches and sprint to the opposite baseline. Make two free throws.

Place the box on the elbow and do the same thing. Perform this routine at five different spots on the floor. You want to make 50 shots in total. If you want, you can also shoot three’s and one dribble pull ups. The amount of shots and rounds you make is up to you. I would suggest using the 5 spots on the floor. This is a very intense drill so you might only be able to do 5 spots in total. That is ok. You can also mix up the ladder exercises. There are a variety of different drills you can do on the ladder. These exercises include: ickey shuffle, side steps, crossover run, side straddle hop (hop scotch), 5 hops and run, one step, carioca, in and out, centipede, river dance, back and forth, single leg shuffle, double trouble, etc. For any questions on these exercises, please feel free to contact us. Like we always say, whatever amount you do, make sure you are doing it with a high intensity. Push yourself and enjoy!

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