Thought of the Week: Always Do Your Best

This week’s thought focuses on the last of Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements. Always do your best and always give your best effort.
It is common for people to be completely concentrated on the end result that they forget to take stock of the journey along the way. As a professional basketball player I experience this all the time. Often the focal point of any basketball game or season for that matter, is whether or not you win or lose. While winning is definitely more enjoyable there is so much more to consider from a sporting event such as basketball than merely the outcome of the game. It is important and necessary to question whether you gave your best effort. It is important to ask yourself if you did your best.
This kind of application is pertinent in life as well. Just because you didn’t reach a goal you set for yourself doesn’t mean you weren’t successful. Not maintaining a desired objective is not a failure if you can honestly tell yourself that you did your best.
Perhaps it sounds corny and cliché, but remembering this thought is essential to a healthy mind, and therefore a happy life. Your mind is constantly going to spew negative barbs at you regarding your performances in your job, in your relationship, at home with your family, etc. It is always going to be judging and critiquing. It is important for you to remember that doing your best doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make mistakes. It means that you are going to give your best effort because in the end, that is all you can control.
You will recognize the moments where you aren’t doing your best. When you can non-judgingly learn from these instances and improve upon them for the next time than you are onto something special.

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