Thought of the Week: Be Kind To Yourself

This week’s thought focuses on being kind to yourself. Hopefully it has been instilled in you from a young age that it is rewarding to be kind others. Being kind to others is necessary for a happy and productive life.
What is often overlooked is the kindness that you demonstrate towards yourself. Don’t take this for granted. This is an integral part of your own personal development. If you expect to be kind to others, you first need to be kind to yourself.
It is important to realize that relying on others to exhibit kindness to you is not going to completely fulfill you. Yes, it is awesome when someone, no matter who it is, takes the time to genuinely be benevolent to you. These acts of generosity are what connects our world.
But receiving compassion from others is not enough. Most importantly, you need to express love and graciousness to yourself as well. This is pertinent for both your physical and mental states.
Being kind to yourself can be quite difficult at times. It is common for us to get swallowed up into a self-loathing cycle of rumination. As soon as something goes awry or as soon as you make a mistake it is generally you who takes the brunt of everything. It is during these times that you need to concentrate on being especially kind to yourself.
I don’t want to give the impression that being kind to yourself means you need to constantly tell yourself aloud that you love yourself or that you need to hug yourself. If you want to take those actions and they help go for it. I am suggesting that you be aware and mindful of the thoughts that attempt to drag you into periods of self-destruction. They don’t help so try another path. Try being kind to yourself. See how that feels.

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