Workout of the Week: Pro Shooting Drill (K-Town Shooting)

Kaiserslautern Shooting

This week’s workout is an advanced shooting drill which takes a lot of concentration and focus.
Begin on one of the short corner baseline spots and then continue on to the same spot on the others side. You need to make three shots total in a row followed by two free throws in a row.
Next shoot elbow to elbow shots until you make three in a row followed two free throws in a row.
Finally, start at the midcourt line and run to the free throw line. Make three shots in a row followed by two free throws in a row.
Goal is to make all 15 shots in a row. If you miss at all during the drill you start over from the short corner baseline.You can also do this drill with off the dribble jumpers and three pointers. If making 15 shots in a row is too challenging than see how long it takes you to make 15 shots in total.

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