Workout of the Week: 42 Point Drill

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Today’s workout focuses on shooting and conditioning. You will be shooting from seven different spots on the floor. If you want to mark each spot with a cone, you may do that. You will shoot from both corners, both wings, both spots between the corners and wings, and the top of the key. To begin the drill, start from the 3-point line at either corner. Take the least amount of dribbles as possible and make a layup (1 dribble would be preferable here). Then shoot a mid-range pull up jump shot from the same spot. Finally, shoot a three-pointer from the corner. You have a chance at making 6 points from each spot (the layup is worth 1 point, the mid range shot is worth 2, the three-pointer is 3). You continuously move to the next spot. In total, you could make 42 points (6 possible points times 7 spots is 42). This is the ultimate goal, but it may take some practice first. You want to perform this drill at a very fast pace. Always start at the three point line when shooting each shot. It is best to have a rebounder present, so you can focus on the speed in which you are moving, and your shot. You should be able to get this done in under 2 minutes. Make sure you do a couple of rounds, trying to improve your score each time. I love this drill because you are shooting different game like shots. Now go out and make yourself a better player!

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