Thought of the Week: Being Happy Is Hard Work

For this week’s thought I want to clear up a misconception about happiness. Happiness is a skill that you obtain and like any skill worth pursuing, it takes a lot of hard work and effort. Despite what is portrayed through the social media, T.V., and the Internet, there is no quick route to happiness. It takes dedication, commitment, and loads of practice.
I can sum up happiness in one phrase. If being happy was easy, everyone would be doing it. If creating genuine happiness wasn’t a challenge than there would be no meaning or value behind it.
Our technologically advanced society is used to instant gratification. It happens often throughout your day. If you want to get on the Internet you no longer need to wait to get on a computer. You simply turn on your phone. If you want to lose weight you search for a diet plan or exercise program that will work, well instantly.
By obtaining instant gratification through increased technology, perhaps we have lost the ability to be patient and appreciative of the process. Happiness is not going to instantly arrive at your front door. External factors such as new partners, cars, houses, jobs, lottery winnings, technologies, etc. are not going to make you happy.
Authentic happiness is only going to come from within. You can’t blame your lack of happiness on anyone else and that is the beauty of happiness. It is up to you to construct it for yourself. It is also the reason why many people refuse to accept this responsibility because it is difficult.
No matter how much adversity you encounter in your life or how daunting of a task being happy seems I assure you that it is well worth it. If being happy is hard work, at least it is worthwhile work. Being unhappy is hard work as well and the results are not as gratifying.

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