Workout of the Week: Double Down Ball Handling Series

You will need two basketballs to perform these drills. This ball handling series is a great way to improve your handle. By dribbling two balls at the same time you are forced to concentrate even more than if you are simply dribbling one ball at a time. These exercises will improve your hand-eye coordination which is essential to becoming an effective player.

Try not to look down at the balls while doing these drills and do your best to keep the same pace and rhythm for each hand. For example, don’t allow your right hand dribble to be strong and sharp while your left hand lags. Keep the same tempo for both hands. After a while you will notice that you can dribble both balls with the same effort and intensity. This series aims to make you a dangerous ball handler no matter which hand you are using!
Same Time Dribble
Alternating Piston Dribble
Front Crossovers
Side Crossovers
Right Angle Dribble
Marionette Dribble
Windshield Wiper Dribble
Killer Front Crossovers
In Between the Legs
In and Outs

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